[Request] Defense Grid 2
Defense Grid 2 Posted on: 09/30/2014 9:36pm
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Game: http://www.hiddenpath.com/games/defense-grid-2

Requested hack: ressource (or ressource per tick)

Hello everyone,
I'd like to ask if someone could create a hack or trainer for this game, because I don't know how to hack it.
I tried to hack the plain ressource number you actual see and the amount of resources you get per tick but failed hard ._.
Would be very happyif someone could make it, if not thanks anyway :3


RE: Defense Grid 2 Posted on: 01/28/2015 9:12am
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In case this is still needed, money is stored as a floatx1, in other words, search for the value of money exactly in float (using Cheat Engine).  I do not know whether this address changes or not with each level.  I have not tested that yet.  Happy hunting.

Edited: Money address stays the same throughout each level.