Relic of Undevelopment


Now, this game could have been great, but it feels so unfinished that even "S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl" unpatched feels finished in comparison to this. Why unfinished? Well, for one, there are anti-tank units yet there are no armoured units or tanks. Yep, there is NOT A SINGLE armoured unit AT ALL. So what's with the "Armour/Shield" stat?

Be wary that I am reviewing this game, released in 2012 (To be more specific, Day 16 of August), in 2015 (Day 18 of July) and nothing has been changed or updated in this game which is just fucking idiotic. The "Armour" stat problem has been here since it was released. This proves how much the developers care about this game.

Wait, developers...Who? TogeProductions. That's right. Man, those guys sure make great game such as Necronator and Infectonator, but lately they have been doing games that ARE great, but VERY UNFINISHED, GLITCHY and BUGGY. This developer is just a failed abortion.

Now, the gameplay...The game itself is kind of fun, it's like "Necronator 2" but on a conspirational WW2 (You know, Nazis using magic, necromancy and all that shit to make "Ubersmench"). All you have to do though is just to start the game and destroy the HQ. You can choose between Easy, Medium and Hard, in which case, just like Necronator 2 again, it has each objective for each difficulty. Sounds silly, that's because it really is.

There is an upgrade system, in which case, that is where the objective medals go for, which makes it a little bit less dumb but still. Most of the upgrades are your atypical "Get more of this and that".

The game has some storyline...But it is kind of pathetic. So, it's year 1947, that's right the war still goes on and it wasn't ended in 1945 (I wonder how, though). At that same year, the Axis, in the brink of defeat, find a relic and begin harvesting its power. What power? I dunno. Did they win? I dunno. Do we care? No, the story is idiotic and even the goddamn game itself makes no mention of it afterwards. This is "Relic of War", that is the Relic of War, nobody cares, not even the Developers. When not even the developers care, why should you?

The graphics are funny. Why? I said this game is very "Necronator 2"-ish, right? Well, the funny part is that, the graphics in Relic of War is pretty much, out of the game (briefings), anime, ingame, pixel. The hell? So it's not cartoonish like in Necronator 2. What's with the graphics combo?

Sounds and music? You can actually hear some fitting voices, but most of them are probably taken from games. Americans speak English, Germans speak German. But you also hear the very same dying sounds just like in EVERY TogeProductions game, that faint "Aergh...". As for music, just like in every TogeProductions game, it is repetitive as hell.

This game would have been way too great, but damn if it sucks just because of all these. Lazy ass TogeProductions, they somehow act like EA.

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