Nice game with easy manageable interface, noob friendly


Top Eleven is a online football manager game by nordeus, a serbian game developement company. Top eleven is widely known game on facebook as well as on iOS and android devices. According to their website, they have more than 12 million monthly and 5 million daily users on web, android and iOS devices. 

The interface of the game is easy to use and understand. The game can be played in more than 40 languages. You start as a manager of a football club, option to provide your nationality, club name, fan club name etc. As a newbie, you will be provided tutorials to get to know around. Start with picking jersey, embelem by creating them for free ( for the first time). Play in league, Champions league, Cup and Friendlies. That's right, you can arrange a match with your friends, even snap a picture of your tournament standing or squad and brag about it. Train your player, make them stornger, let them learn new ability and dominate in the field. You can even use the transfer window to sell for profit and buy new additions to make your team even more stronger. The best part is that you can set your team for any upcoming match and you dont even have to be online when the match drops. Even i won my last 8 league matches by giving orders pre-defined and checked all of my results after 6 days. But its always wise to rotate your squad often in order to keep your players in shape. 

This game offers official items as virtual item such as official home jersey of Real Madrid football club and their embelem for their game currency called ''token'' which can be get by signing tv rights . earn via offers and purchase from the store. Also another currency ''cash'' which is used to wage players, buy players and upgrade your stadium. This cash can also be get by selling players, signing for a sponsorship and placement/ winning league and cup tournaments. 

Lastly, this is a game you must try if you are a football fan and looking for something new. 
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