I Dig It!


As much as I don't care much for city/time management games, I found Dead Zone to be pretty addictive. Even after giving up on it I found myself coming back to it a couple days later to get my food and water stocks back in order so my survivors would be happy haha.

Pros: Good gameplay
Good difficulty scaling
TONS of different items/weapons
Cool crafting features
Amusing items/craftables
Detailed compound (food, water, security, etc.)
Almost unlimited levelability

Cons: VERY graphics intensive
LONG waiting times on buildings/missions after getting higher up in the levels
Sometimes confusing mission advisements
Very high cost of building at reasonably low levels.
Resource buildings (crops and storage) provide very small advantages on their storage/production even when they get to the point of ridiculously high costs to build.

The availabilty of more buildings in a zone would be nice along with a lower level of graphics to make it suitable for people using outdated video cards (myself included) as this makes the overall playability of the game suffer greatly. The wait times and resources necessary for building can get a bit extensive though I doubt there will be a patch coming out that all of a sudden remedies that issue.

But all in all a very enjoyable game, and quite addicting. Not sure if that's a positive or negative so you can decide for yourself haha. Give it a try and I'd say theres a good chance you end up playing it into the middle of the night a time or two...


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