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Mmmmmmm SAS 4



Good Game, Massively Multiplayer game though this game is a really big douche since almost everything needs NinjaKiwi Coins to buy but however still great.

The game is not extremely too great but still, its quite addicting for some reason though their strongbox system is a lil bit of a douch though especially if your not much of a person who like to buy ninjakiwi coins or a poor person though one or more hax of the kong hack trainer can alleviate this problem :P though there some stuff that the kong hack trainer cant get but anything is good awyway, the game mechanics is pretty simple, its as simple as the last game just run and shoot or just run, spin around and just shoot, or do that with your friends! since it's like and improved verison of sas 3 anyway Waaaaaay big improvement i should say... 

this game has quite a lot of guns and armor as well but more, more guns but i'm sure no ones complaining about that right cuz i mean c'mon who doesn't love different types of guns though i think there are like more than 50 guns in total and more than 20 armors in total but however you wont really get all of them at the start and since unless if someone makes an actual working hack (no i cant really make a hack, well at least not yet) on strongbox because right now all (at least i think) strong box hax are broken right now.

oh yeah i forgot to say that there are some maps that are maze-like randomnly generated barricades but still easy to beat though unless if your in multiplayer like the Pods level (spoilers!) and the meltdown (:P) levels! and also every single map has either 1 or 2 secret areas that cointains either some mandatory items or Strongboxes! good luck finding them!

that's all i can say about the game :P 
remember, Good luck and don't die!

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