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Ah dat SAS 4


Very fun game, takes a lot of exp to level up.
Objective is to kill zombies and have fun while getting a varity of gear.
Various weapons including shotguns, LMGs, grenade shooters....
You can play mutiplayer and have fun winning as a team.
Includes grenades which blow up stuff
Also turrets than can back you up
Goes up to lvl 100, but very hard to do that with out HAX
Lots of zombies, lots of weapons, very fun!
Hacks pretty much make you tank the game, so yea....
lvl 100 instantly
full titan armor at lvl 1
infinite skill pts
infinite loot
lots o maps and mazes like pods and meltdown which is so hard without hax
but download konghacks and speed run everything as a lvl 20 with a 10*** shockfield and 25 skill points in everything LOL
over 70+ guns i believe and 20+ armor oh yeah!! 
premiums are to get lots of boxes and get good armor but it costs money so why not download hax and get everything that a person paying $100 will get (not kidding.. person spends so much money to get a perfect black  titan set while u hack and get everything LOL)
even better with the infinite clip hack is that u can keep shooting and spin round and 'round and 'round and 'round....
its too easy with konghack so go get it and make the premium players (ones who bought nk coins) rage...
oh and btw do not get reported and dont get banned from NK! 
get some big killing spree!

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Hack Power
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