Fun, addictive game!


I am an avid tower defender fan. After you played one, you have played them all, right? I can't say the same for this game. I enjoy the replayabilty they have brought into the game that keeps me coming back. Normally I get irritated by energy based games that limit your gameply and force you into a cash shop. While this game does have that, there is still plenty to do and keep up with. It also takes a fair amount of time to actually drain all of your energy.

In addition to the tower defense component of the game, there are many other activities to keep you busy. Inside your virtual stronghold you will find activities like PvP Arena battles, tax collection, updgrading equipment, winning and upgrading heroes, farming, launching ship raids to plunder resources, and enslaving other players. Most of these activities are on cooldown timers and require players to check back to complete a task. Special themed events are also consistently held to encourage gameplay and offer enticing rewards.

The game is free-to-play, but as most F2P models, using the cash shop is highly encouraged. This can make the game "Pay to Win" in PvP components. This means, without spending cash, players might wait weeks or months for upgrades. Top ranked players may obtain up to 10x more enabling much faster progression and therefore become quickly unmatched. New players, especially free users, should seek to start their adventure on a new server as paying veterans will crush any hopes of meaningful advancement which can make this game exceptionally frustrating.

Apart from the PvP aspect, the actual tower defense part of the game is challenging and fun. The storyline is crap, but I never follow the story anyways!

Great game! Give it a try!

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