The Absolute Same Game (Third Time's The Charm)


So if the title itself didn't set you off on where this review is going, then read on. 

Decision 3 is essentially the exact same game as Decision.  The idea behind the whole game is trying to secure areas on a map from zombie attacks.  This is done by clearing out the zombies already in the area, then building up defenses to protect against them.  The problem is the zombies never seem to stop hording and attacking your places trying to overrun them.  

Gameplay is pretty good actually.  You start off with a basic pistol and gain experience as you kill zombies.  You can find other survivors and send them back to your camp for use later.  These survivors are used to help upgrade your structures in each section.  Each action you take takes a day and advances the threat level of each of your territories.  By building and upgrading defense structures you can decrease the threat level incurred by advancing the day.  In order to find new areas you need to use your outpost to frontier sections.  This involves shooting a bunch of standing zombies and clearing out the next section.  Then again you go in and scout the new areas to find each of the structures.  This goes on and on as you go on finding new survivors, upgrading your structures, and decreasing the threat level in the area.  All the while you find "inspectors" that allow you to upgrade your character's stats and weapons.  Then there's also the "random" hordes that attack one of sections every 4 turns or so.  So basically it's a large grinder where you have to explore areas to find more survivors to both decrease the threat level and also to upgrade your structures. 

So for those of you who weren't tired after the first two and want more of the same this is the game for you.  If you were bored after 20 minutes of grinding avoid this game like the plague.  It's repetitive to the point of insanity. 

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