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I,ve played this game for over a year and i this game is like every other FSP online game.Those who have powerful net connection rule and those who have shitty net drool.When i started playing this game it did lag as much but then it became popular and more assholes started to join and now it's a nightmare for all those vets who had been playing for months and years in peace now, alot of vets have quit this game and its mostly P2W noobs and some who have lvl 50-70 guns in lvl 16-40 (btw that's alot of online time between lvl 16 and 70,like seriously alot !!).Oh,right i forgot im doing a review.Well in my opinion ,this game is only for those who have good net connection and some skills(yea you can survive on skills too if you dont have bling), but worst aspect about this game and all other FSPMMO games is the frickin lag !!!!!!!!!!!(woah too much depressed rage, huh).Wow 250 words is a lot huh ?ok ok what else, yea so for the people who play this game or decide to play this game, i'll give you some hints:
1.Most Important Hint, Never ever and i mean it, Rent Guns ,never.Save up Gp for a good gun,if you like snipers the   cheapest(and pretty good and customizable) snipe is the EBR Marksman, in weapon set 3.If you like Assault Rifles then HK417D(also customizable) is the gun for you i have seen it in the hands of lvl60+ and they rule.Then there are the Smg's, The Bizon B-2 is pretty great for low and high levels but only if its tasked other wise its not that good,it's meh.If you are higher level then you should either buy the SKorpion or MP-7,they are both great weps.Finally shotguns,one of my first loves was shotguns and in CW it was Saiga 12k.It's a hell machine, only 1 problem with it, it's repair price is toooo high,but the IZH-43 is pretty great if your enemy dies in 2 shots,otherwise not.The Benelli is shit.But the Mp-133 is Great gun .Well that's all now i have to go otherwise i will die of sleep deprevation.Bye see ya later ,yay 2000 words anyways Enjoy and if this helped anyone in anyway, kudos for ya.

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