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The Downhill Decline of SAS4 [no gameplay review here]


As a Sas4 player with 2 level 100s, I think I can give a good review.

Although this is my first time on konghack [I'd like to see what this is], SAS4 brings a great mix of customization, combat and chat. The first couple weeks [of the closed beta, and then open beta] were very good. There was lag, but everyone helped each other. Then, a few weeks into the open beta, everything started going downhill. NK added in stupid bux fixes and nerfs, making the game worse. P2Wers were being favourited over everyone else [previously, everyone was at a fair standard], and new wepaons were added in noone wanted. Then came the trolls. I could care less about the hackers, some were nice, most were just trying to survive, but the stupid spammers and ten-year-olds had infiltrated and started tearing apart the chat rooms. People were leaving. As a result, NK tried to get them [and their wallets] back by adding in NightMare mode, a idiotic system of "you get 5 tickets, and could possibly get good rewards." This made the game lag, like really lag. Some people were getting all the Black Strongboxes, by buying them. More left, so NK added in Championships, a REALLY stupid system of "if you have no life, play this to continue having no life [and get some rewards]." As of now, there are almost 1/5 of what the peak SAS4 player count was [in prime hours, too]. Whereas the chat used to overfill, causing mroe and more rooms to be added; now, only two rooms have anyone in them. Of that, only about 10-15 people are chatting at a time. If you went on in December 2014, you'd find 300+ people in room 1, 150-200 in room 2 and 50 in 3,4 and 5. All rooms had many people talking. 1 had 100+ talking at any one minute, 2 had about 50, and 3,4 and 5 had 10-20. When the spammers came, tens slowly left, until they became the desolate wastelands they are today.


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