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Well, this isn't what I expected.


From the company that is devoted to killing all bloons, and the dev from Lag Simulator 2014 [SAS4] comes the best TD I have ever played.

Every aspect of this game, hack or no hack, is well done. All monkeys are defined, and purposeful. If you come across a map that is water-heavy, the snipers still matter, and the locations taht are land should be utilized. The Tier 4 upgrades are absolutly phenomenal. They are worth the money spent. Dart monkeys can becomea Super-Monkey support, or a catapult; tack towers can clear a small section, morters can flatten a point, Gatlings are perfect for the cursor, Glue monkeys can slow down and harass, Ninja Monkeys can go right through camos, and even turn the bloons around, Mages can summon fire and brimestone [not really, but lightning] and wipe out entire rows. I could go on. No, wait, I will.

The game plays like a gem. You feel happy after wiping out a line of MOABs with a single sniper shot, or heavy bombing from Ace Monkeys. As I said, the monkeys are all specilized. Like a strike team, they work together to get the best result. Combining Ice and Glue with something like Mage can clear the whole column, if done correctly. A fool would focus on building the same few Monkeys. Don't get me wrong, you should always have a lot of say, Glue, but you need Ninjas to cover for those camo bloons, Aces to support, etc. 

Stop reading this, and go play the game; seriously. GO PLAY IT!!!!!!

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