Sword and Souls Review!


Great game! Really ties together a lot of fun aspects of flash games. Has upgrades, some "idle-clicker" aspects where you can earn money while away, as well as mini games, and light RPG elements. 

The mini-games are fun and are broken up by the 5 basic RPG stats available to you in the game: strength, defense, accuracy, dodge, and critical. Playing these mini-games is not only fun, but it earns you points to invest in the character to make the stronger and able to whithstand the arena. That, coupled with a basic skill system and store, help you improve you character. 

You also have a home that you can upgrade using the currancy you earn in battles. The upgrades on your house atribute to the amount of gold and experience you can earn in battle.It is pretty cool seeing your homestead grow as you progress through the game, but its even cooler to get the much needed boosts in experience and gold!

My only gripe about the game is the ccomplete lack of a story. I felt no motivation to cointunal move through the different battles in the arena. Yes, some battles were tough, but it really came down to just grinding out some more stats in the mini game. 

As of the time of writing this, it is around Halloween and the game has themed itself as such. It's all very subtle ofcourse, but is a nice touch. It would be interesting to see if they do that for every season, but there is not a ton of replayability. So if I don't end up finishing it, I likely will not go back around Christmas time.

I have yet to beat it all the way, as once you get halfway through the dificculty ramps up. But you should check it out if you have some time, because why not? Its free! 

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