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New possible hack?


I would say that the current hacks implemented for this game are well made and useful. However there is the issue of getting a lot of Elite Cores later on as you level up. Is it possible to create a hack allowing them to drop more often (as in from any kind of box)? Just a suggestion, and im not an experienced programmer so I won't be able to help hack it :/
    Also, the masteries hack seems to say it is working, but when I do as instructed, it fails to finish teh final steps and apply lvl 5 masteries ot my character. I am not sure what is wrong, as i carefully followed the instructions. Other than this hack, every other one works fine, though some have no description as to what the accomplish.
    Besides these small factors, I have found the main hacks I use to work 90% of the time: buyable box cost 0$, black gear infusion, and the 0 cost for anything. I greatly appreciate the work put into these hacks, and believe that I will continue testing how and why they fail in the future. I am also excited to see people generate hacks that make your character weaker. I think it is a great alternative to making one's character op as it provides a challenge that many hack users dont feel after obtaining the maximum power behind their usages.
    Overall, this game is well set-up for being on a flash platform, and the hackers are doing an excellent job finding exploits. Keep up the good work!

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