RG a great idle game


Realm Grinder is a pretty great idle game. The devs (Divine Games) continue to update the game after almost a year. It has many layers of play: first you can choose different factions to gain very differnt bonuses, after soft resetting (called "abdicating in game) you gain gems and can choose a new faction. As you play you can unlock new powers and trophies that boost game play. After playing a while you can unlock up to six more factions and a secondary soft reset function called reincarnating that unlocks huge bonuses. The game doesn't have an end, like most idle games, but because of the fairly consistent updates it is still fun. I have been playing since the beginning, back in May 2015 and have enjoyed it till now and expect to continue enjoying it until the devs stop updating it. Every update, upgrade and trophy is well thought out and extensively tested before they release it. Occasionally a bug makes it through, but they fix it quickly. I once had my save broken by a bug right after an update and within an hour they had fixed my save and the bug, probably saves for numerous other people who had there saves broken as well. I am a big fan of idle games, I love the math involved and I especially love to watch ones that evolve and see how some things start op and are nerfed or suck utterly than get revamped to be awesome, or do something completely different. In all I highly reccomend this game to anyone who likes idling. It isn't the easiest game to hack, but I am a bit of a noob so I have had some good fun/learning with it trying to speed the game up without killing the fun. Have fun and happy hacking!

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