Most Impressive idle


Best idle I have seen yet. Probably would have been better still if it was just a business simulation game, but the level of detail is very impressive. The cars are well thought out, and the racing is a nice touch.


- Nice interface. Well thought out.
- Interesting idea, haven't seen a decent car manufacting game in many years now.
- Ability to customise cars is very impressive. Huge number of tweaking options.
- Soul system is a good replayability tool.


- Each game year takes 4hrs realtime to play out, so it can be pretty slow going.
- So many options means a couple of hours at least are needed to get comfortable with the interface.
- The game can become a little repetitive in the later stages.

So business sim people, this is for you. If you like it fiddly. I am personally hoping more is added to the game later on. Perhaps even a minigame or two. Being able to race the cars you build would be an awesome edition, although the creator of this game isn't much of an artist if you look at previous examples. Would still be fun. Even if were simple.

Haven't seen a working hack for it yet. The hack screen has some listed, but Konghack ultra doesn't seem to have them. But this is from the same person who did Idle to rule the gods, so it might take a bit longer to find stable hacks. It did last time :)

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