SAS: Zombie Assault 4 as of 04/02/2016


SAS Zombie Assault 4 is a top down zombie shooter with loot elements similar to that of dungeon crawlers. Has both a single player mode and a multipler mode with increased difficulty in the way of additional zombie health and spawns, however there is higher XP and Credit gain

Physical Qualities- 6/10
The graphics are fairly impressive for a flash game and is coupled with good music and sound effects, with most weapons having unique firing sounds and reload sounds. There are a handful of different zombie types ranging from your basic zombie to a modified zombie virus that has taken over certain machines.

The game is mired with a myriad of performance issues due to its poor coding, huge swarms of monsters spawning in will cause huge drops in frame rate and can potentially cause your keys to backlog and force you to wait them out as they're slowly entered in.

Gameplay- 7/10
Building off the previous game's story you find yourself battling zombies across two planets in various locations ranging from downtown as you battle your way to a lab to acquire a vaccine to try and stem the infection to a nuclear powerplant that has been hacked by a digital variant of the virus to cause a complete meltdown.

Make no mistake, on your warpath to level one hundred you will see the same twelve maps an ungodly amount of times, and this however is alleviated by a number of ways. Firstly, most maps have a bit of variance in them, some maps have path ways that are blocked off randomly, as you progress in level enemies spawn in larger groups, as well as they spawn different variants that can be afflicted with an increasing number of buffs ranging from moving faster, to poisoning the player on hit, or being made jet black and can phase through walls.

As you progress in level you gain the ability to enter Nightmare mode. A mode that allows you challenge the previous maps but with demented additions made to the maps, such as zombies spawning in even far greater numbers  usually with every buff available with resistances nearly capped out, boss tier zombies spawning earlier in the map usually at the worst possible time. However with these added risks come far superior rewards in the form of massively increased experience and credit payout rates, with money paying out several million in a single run as opposed to a paltry few thousand. In this mode you also gain a higher chance of better Strongboxes of high rarity and occasionally you can gain Black Strongboxes and Black Keys both of which are required for the game's best weapons.

And finally, there are rotating events in two forms. Firstly there are contracts that cycle in and out of rotation every fifteen to twenty minutes, these payout the usual experience and money however depending on the contract they can payout additional money and/or experience or even high valued turret, alloy, premium ammo, and grenades. The second type of events are changed out daily or so, these can come several different forms, such as Bounties, Last Man Standing, Survival, or Vaccine. Each game mode brings with it its own set of rules. During these events you're accumulating points to rank yourself higher on the scoreboard, at the end of the event if you score enough points you are awarded some money and depending on your performance you'll receieve a strongbox and turrets.

Replayability- 10/10
The game has a fair bit of replayability to anyone that is a fan of the loot collecting genre of games, such as WoW, Warframe, Diablo. There is huge RNG with every bit of loot and when that one piece you've been searching for after so long finally drops you feel an extreme euphoria only to notice it has poor rolls. The game is updated on a fairly regular basis, with new weapons being added regularly and new events as well. With three individual classes with their own collection of unique skills and perks you'll have plenty of reasons to try each class out as you struggle to find your own playstyle that suits you.  Once you find your class that suits you and you're sufficently geared you'll be ready to take on the championships which are the most difficult of events and payout in legendary weapons of unmatched power.

Hack Power- 5/10
The hacks provided by the trainer are nice, however great care must be taken lest you tip your hand and the normies find out you're hacking, they'll quickly screenshot your profile and report you. As long as you use a bit of common sense you'll be fine, such as not using hacks to acquire gear far beyond your level, or being immortal, or making it rain cash. You can play it smart however and use the Various Cost 0 and the max grade/slot hacks to a good degree and still be very powerful without running the gambit of getting reported.

If you're a fan of loot collecting games and mowing down hordes upon hordes of the undead and their ilk then this game is for you. A large variety of guns and armors to choose from, a fair selection of missions and contracts to run. Well worth playing in my opinion.

Physical Qualities
Hack Power
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