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The (Somewhat) Biased SAS: ZA4 Review


Physical Qualities 7/10

    Now, starting off with how the game looks. I personally really like the visuals of the game and don't see anything wrong with it, though I can see how the 2D visuals can put some people off. The only thing that might be considered "bad" about them in my opinion, is how the visual effects from things like explosions and gunfire can just end up filling the entire screen far too easily when a full lobby of players start shooting.

    Now onto the audio of the game. Just to get it out of the way, everything is LOUD at first. I really suggest either turning down your computer volume or the browser's depending on your audio suite since last time i check (last week) the game only has an audio on/off button instead of sliders. But other than that, the sound design is quite decent, with there only being the occasional irritatingly designed weapon sound. The game is lacking is music (I think I only heard a couple different tracks over the course of a YEAR), but what it does have generally fits the situations since they are mostly coded to start playing after certain event/in certain areas.

Gameplay 9/10

    The game plays phenomenally, with the controls being easy to understand and use, with the only sticking point being the occasional server errors and long "building" times depending on your internet connection and computer.

    The mechanics themselves are solid, with it being centered around three main classes; Assault, Heavy, and Medic, with them all having their own unique skillsets as well as general skills that all the classes share. The skills are upgraded through the use of "skill points" which are gained through levelling up, if you mess up your allocation you get one free respec, with any future ones being bought using Kreds. Stats such as movement speed can be boosted either using skills or through weapon attributes, which are in turn gained from upgrading weapons using Credits earned ingame.

    Items are acquired through dropped "Strongboxes" that give out equipment based on the players level as well as the level of the box (Titanium, Neodymium, etc). The items acquired may come with augment (basically bonuses) slots, a maximum of three (two for armour) slots that support ten upgrades for said augments are available. You can increase the number of augment and upgrade slots by spending "Elite Cores", which are acquired through augmenting items and meeting milestones, which are based on the amount of in-game money you spend augmenting.

    The game playes like your typical run-and-gun, with the occasional part where you are railroaded along a certain path at a certain speed, as well as an escort mission and several "defend" missions.

    The game has some semblance of a story, with each mission telling a teensy-tiny bit about the backstory of the world, which is in turn supplemented by the weapon and armour descriptions.

    The introduction of "Contracts" as well as the already present ranked events help make the game less challenging both for people just starting out as well as those who have been playing for a long time, with Contracts providing an adequate amount in in-game cash and other items while the events give out rare prizes (when near the top rankings) such as special turrets and crates.

Replayability 7/10

    The replayability of this game is about as good as any RPG game even though its a shooter, or simpler words, until you get/try everything/enough. Don't really think I need to say too much more about this.

Hack Power 10/10

    The hacks for this game are great, with most of them allowing you to cheat to your hearts content without being found out by other players. The only ones you should be wary about are the cheats that give load of EXP and rare weapons since most experienced players WILL know what is and isn't possible as well as what drops at what level, and WILL report you for hacking if they suspect that you are.

Overall Rating 8/10

    A very good game that I recommend anyone that likes a run-and-gun with some RPG elements to play.

Physical Qualities
Hack Power
Overall Rating