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Great Game But..


A great game, even without hacking and great intricate features, but lacks storyline. The repetitive gameplay is covered by the continous reward system and RPG elements, effectively curing the boredom of playing the same stages everytime.

The first storyline is in a distant feature in 3104, where a new strain of virus emerged in a orbital space station. Extremely dangerous and contagious, it can easily turn humans into dead, souless, mindless flesh eating creatures. The player emerged and fend off the zombies, at the end of the waves, a very dense horde along a huge zombie will appear, after killing them, the player managed to get off the space station via dropship. The storyline is pretty amazing but is very short due to the gameplay being designated as round-based game.

The RPG elements are skill points, item upgrading (augmenting), and Strongboxes. A strongbox is a treasure chest containing loot when dropped by zombies. Bosses contain better ones relatively. The skill points allow the player to reload faster, move faster, stronger armor, etc. While the weapons. provides damage, RoF, and stronger resistance for armors. There is also a mastery system for a specific weapon type to increase the player's efficiency for the specific weapon.
The player can also level up, gaining more health, skill points, etc.

The gameplay has various stages, most often ends where the player ends up in a room with a boss spawning, others include rescue mission, item retrieval and etc. There is also some daily events such as killing a certain zombie type or Last Stand event. Basically the player who lasts longer wins. All of the events will hold rewards, most are strongboxes, cash and alloy. Alloy is a currency to craft weapons. Before entering a mission the player can buy one-use boosts to enhance the gameplay.

The play also offer a solo type and co-op type. For cooperative, the player will enter a lobby of 4, if the timer runs out before 4 players enter, the game starts with 3 or 2 players. There is also a nightmare mode for coop missions, all the zombies power and speed will be tenfolded, but so does the rewards.

Overall, it's a worth to try if you are into RPG shooter games, very captivating and kills time in no time.

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