Realm Grinder Review


    Overall this is a VERY good idle game, and I love how new content is always being added with each update, even though I am currently almost halfway through all the Reincarnations (I am currently R16 :D), I keep coming back to it to play more and more, not to mention the new challenges they have with every reincarnation and a new gem wall to break though makes it a challenge thats fun to reach through various methods.  So far my favorite part of the came is the variety of ways you can play the Mercenary faction.

    However, some issues I do have with the game is that in order to get anywhere at certain points, you have to repeatedly use the same builds over and over, making it less of a game where you can freely pick what you would like, and instead, just repetitively doing the same thing over and over.  I understand that it is a grinding game, but when you have different factions like this game does, they should all equally be a viable choice in progressing through the game.  Unique traits of each faction honestly isn't enough to make them equal, but keeping those traits, and perhaps buffing some of the faction specific upgrades to make them more viable to play would help drastically improve the game.    
I love this game as it helps kill time and is always nice to try new features as they are added, I hope this game continues to be worked on and made better and better.

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