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Delicate and Relaxed FPS Game.


A Russian themed FPS game, derived from the story of two clashing PMC factions. B.E.A.R and U.S.E.C. The story takes place at the city of Tarkov, where the factions are clashing in a series of major events. The game includes some RPG elements as well as a wide customization system. The game lacks only one thing. A storyline. Most of the storyline are only written on the loading screen map's description which pretty much is irrelevant to the gameplay. But that's not the whole game is about.

The gameplay is a casual FPS a little similar to CoD with several modes, DM, Team Elimination, Target Designation, and Tactical Conquer. DM is your all day deathmatch free-for-all map that allows the player to kill every other player and reach the highest killscore.

Team Elimination is a little bit unique, it combines the elements of VIP mode and Team Deathmatch. Basically in the beginning of the game mode, each team will have a VIP player. The VIP is extraordinarily strong, and will grant bonus score multiplier if he is kept alive longer on that team. The opposing team has to kill that VIP in order to get the VIP. The first player to spawn after the VIP is killed, will be the VIP. The goal is to reach the maximum amount of kills in a given time.

Target Designation is a Counter-strike kind of game mode. The terrorrist faction (B.E.A.R) will plant a beacon. After several seconds an airstrike will come to bombard the area. Well most of you know what happens if the beacon is defused.

The last mode is hardcore, you will enter a game mode where everything is very real, all skills are removed, no crosshairs, and realistic damage. Damage to the hand will significantly reduce your accuracy, while to the feet will cripple your movement to a very slow speed. Even one hit from a pistol can be lethal to instant kill.

Tactical conquer is the interesting game mode. It will place you on a huge map. Very huge in fact, not Aztec huge, like triple Aztec huge. You will be placed on a team of 12, the goal is to capture tactical points in the map. The team with the most points win, or the team who reaches the maximum points first will win. This place is where your true skills is tested.

The weapon system mostly use very modernized Russian and Western European weapons, and few American firearms. What makes it unique is the W-Task. W-Task, or short for Weapon Task, is a certain requirement to unlock a preset modification for the weapon. The weapons has 2 types, regular and premium. All regular weapons has W-Task, but not all premium has W-Task. Certain weapons has also a modification system, which upon completion of the W-Task, will unlock the modification system for that weapon.

The RPG elements include clan system, clan skill, skill tree, and clan skill tree specialization. Clan skill tree specialization is a further improvement for the skill tree you have spent your skill points upon. It gives a more advanced benefit depending on what class on the skill tree you have most points. An assault, will receive a thermal vision, a scout has a binocular, destroyers has more armor, etc.

In overall, this weapon is a more relaxed pace of CoD or Counter Strike, because it offers mostly large maps to play. Giving the players more time to strategically place themselves and play with strategy on the battlefield rather than just run-n-gun style gameplay. Worth a try for relaxed and curious FPS players.

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