Good game but it is too short.


The game it self is good and the content is kinda unique. The way the game is played is like most idle Games work. The only may difference would be the concept. Initially the concept of the game is very simple yet it is weird at the same time. 

- Game will ask you to destroy a car as fast as possible to earn cash.
- You can upgrade the characters to get more damage. 
- There is an additional character that will do continous damage over time, technically this is your idle damage dealer.
- Setting is different and weird at the same time.
- 8-bit touch is the real go getter for me. Looks good enough despite the method of drawing used.

Without hacking, you can finish it in probably 4-6 hours by only using autoclicker but with hacks you can finish it in mere minutes. 

Technically the game it self is exponential  but not much is being added as your progress, the only thing that will keep you interested is the easter eggs of the character that you will be upgrading to as the they as you upgrade but other wise there is nothing more. That is the reason why the I gave it a very low game play rating.

Also hacking the gold means you will finish the games in minutes.

All in all the game is worthwhile but hacking it will just make you see the ending much faster otherwise there is not much to expect out of this game.


Physical Qualities
Hack Power
Overall Rating