Realm Grinder: Good enough for one sitting Playthrough.


Decent game at best...

The game like most idlers is just get money then buy upgrades to get more money. There is also an active skill which you can use and it requires Mana.

There is one thing that separates it though, the second currency which is the Coins or Tokens(Angel, Hell, Elf, Goblin, Fairy etc[not sure if there are five only but i think there is a sixth one]). 

So this is where it gets interesting, The Tokens are fairly hard to get during the first time playing this game as accumulating it is merely random or by chance. Regarding this Token, you can buy which faction you want to join by using this coins when you have enough for the corresponding Faction that you want. 

Each Faction Gives different bonus:

Angel: For Active Skills like Mana regen increase, increase Clicking Power.
Hell: For Passive Skills like passive gold generation of buildings(Buildings are generally what generate idle gold in this game).
Fairy: Forgot what bonuses it gives cause for what I remember it is not worth it.
Goblin: BEST for the first play through as it decreases Buildings Upgrade cost.
Elf: SECOND BEST as it increases the Chance of getting TOKENS by a significant amount.

So by using this coins you will gain different advantages on the faction that you selected(You can only select 1 Faction per reincarnation"reset").

After reaching the Max level of one faction it will generate a Permanent Skill that once bought, even if you reset, you can buy that skill even if you choose a different faction. Basically, this will allow you to do 5 resets and get all the end game Faction Skills(pretty neat in my opinion). However that is about it. Once you have all the end game skills, which is easy by the way, nothing much to do but to try and complete the acheivements or Player Specific upgrades.

Going through the route of GOBLIN>ELF>HELL>ANGEL>FAIRY and using only an autoclicker I finished the game in 6 hours. Finished the game in the sense that the only thing to do is acheivement completion and I have  almost all of the achievement for Upgrades and skill usage and the only achiement i am missing is the amount of times to reincarnate and the Playtime.

So Basically, after going through all that there is not much reason to replay the game, I only played it as I get gratification in getting all Max upgrades. There isn't even any back story for the game.

Pretty much good time waster but not to a point where in you will be playing it for days.


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