Hacks actually make it fun!


The game itself isn't too good. They have a system that's highly bent on pay to win, but I have still adapted to it. Scrubbing for free kreds to get GP may be worth it, but you can always get a really good CR weapon and unbreak it. The hacks make this game very good especially if you know how to not get caught. I'm not a very popular play, but I'm somewhat known for my "skill" by higher level players. It's not much, but the hacks make it alot more fun, so you should try some of the hacks we've got so far! 

I also want to add that the the protection in this game is kinda low in exeption that the currency is server-sided, so hacks for it may be a little harder, but you can easily rent a GP gun for like a day, and with the hacks, you can finish a golden contract that pays in GP. Eventually, you can earn alot of CR just by using the hacks and dominating. With the hacks you will have access to higher tier weapons that you should not have access to other wise, and some of the CR weapons on those sets are VERY powerful (Have you even seen the RPD on set 6? That bitch is a player melter and makes prokills seem like ragekills XD) You can just use the small amount of GP to unbreak one(well...after you give one hell of a convincing story as to why you have it anyway XD) and survive there.

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