Devs want your $$$


This game is a blatant cash grab. You will be prompted to spend cash on microtransactions everytime the game switches screens or when you try to buy something without the proper amount of blops.

Gameplay consists of repetitive grinding unless you pay money to the developers or cheat. Nearly every shooter game is better than this one because you can play them without being begged for cash every few minutes. The only real positive thing that can be said is that the game doesn't pause when it loses focus

Even with cheats enabled, you still have to wait a long time for the levels to finish. Even without cheats, the best way to play this game is just to let it run by itself and not pay attention to it. Writing a game review, downvoting this game, or complaining in the comments will be a lot more fun than the actual gameplay.

There's nothing really satisfying about the gameplay and using cheats really show cases that. You can use the superweapon cheat which will eliminate the need to grind the levels for blops. The gameplay will be pretty much the same as not using cheats because all you really do is move your monkey around and that's not even neccessary to complete each level.

The special powers in this game have to be bought each level in order to add onto the endless grinding. I don't understand how anyone playing this game without cheats would enjoy this game at all.

The graphics and audio are decent. The storyline is pretty mediocre. I can't fathom why anyone would want to play this game for anything other than the BotD.

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