Let's Play The Waiting Game!


Oh joy, another "City Management"-esque game like Evony to where the majority of your time playing the game, you're waiting for buildings to build or your survivors to return from journeying into the apocalypse, like we need another one of these pathetic excuses for games. As per usual, the game will punish you more the longer you play the game through horrifying Wait Timers unless - you guessed it - you "pay to not wait." At least it's no Dungeon Keeper iOS; there's actually some sort of game involved, and if you're hacking (like you should be doing otherwise, why are you even here?), you get some enjoyment out of seeing your survivors rapid-fire pistols from across the map desperately trying to hit a zombie (for me at least, I don't think the accuracy AoB was working for me at the time).

I also have to say this: the first time I loaded up the game, it consumed a good amount of hardware resources and stuttered like Hell and threw errors everywhere, and I use a Radeon HD 7770 that can play DOTA 2 and a good amount of other graphic-intensive games on max settings. I don't know if there was some memory/CPU leak or Unity became unstable or what, but if that happens to you, just reload the game after the tutorial mission that has you scavenge a supermarket and lower the graphics settings.

If you're looking to play something worth your time, I don't suggest The Last Stand: Dead Zone (or any kind of City Management game for that matter), because your time will be spent waiting endlessly.
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