Beautiful artwork, repetitive gameplay.


An anime themed online collectible / trading card game with science-fiction world as it's setting. The illustrations are supposedly created by a group of renowned illustrators from Japan and China.

The cards' illustrations are quite varied. From typical sexy anime girls, cool guys to mecha like gundams. They are quite well-drawn. This goes to those who likes action or magic girls type Japanese animation. Just don't expect to see lots of bare-naked images though.

Like most asian games released on English, the translations are quite horrible. Other than simple descriptions of the cards, the story are quite incorrigible. Although you would probably care less about the story and more on collecting card.

As for the gameplay, it's almost non-existant. From the main interface, you can choose to explore area, check your deck, browse through the album to see what cards you have gained and other stuffs.
The area exploring are simple, as in you only need to click one button to move through each node in an area. And you can get either a card, energy or an enemy.
The battle is automated, you use all the cards on your deck to reduce opponents HP. There was a video animation showing your character use special move, but other than that, the fight is really bland. Just press the Skip button to save times.
The deck can be auto-build if for faster gameplay in the beginning. The cards can be upgraded.
There is a PvP arena which I haven't try, because the power rating for the lowest ranked person is about 5 times mine. But that could be a motivator for some competitive people. Of course seeing that this is a free-to-play, pay-to-win is unavoidable.

This is an interesting game for those who likes Japanese animation style, but if you want deep and challenging CCG/TCG, look elsewhere.

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