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Just another first person shooter


I was really skeptical when I loaded up this game. I, like everyone I know, has played Call of Duty and Battlefield so I could not imagine how the first person shooter could be recreated, especially online.  And lo and behold I was right.  This game is hard, especially for someone with a slow internet connection.  There are the typical kids with absolutely no life that troll on sheep like me and pad their kill counts to be able to afford even bigger and better guns to kill sheep faster.  Overall the graphics aren't great, there isn't really anything else than kill everyone in sight, and earn points to be the top dog on your team/battlefield.  So its the typical dungeon crawl to scrap a few points here and there to get the badges put along to the game if you're like me who tries to earn them all.  But again you get a few kills, save up to get that big gun that you've been eyeing and repeat the process over and over until you either grow tired of the game and its lack of any kind of real rewards or just give up.  The guns themselves really don't have that much of a difference so even when you finally can afford that big gun it doesn't make you a god in the game and its still difficult to get those kills and climb that leaderboard.  So again, not really a big fan of a game that has more lag than any I've seen because it runs on Unity player, which makes it even more difficult to play.  But hey to each their own, if you like it keep playing, if not get those badges and move on with your life.

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