Great fun!


This game was definitely set apart from my expectations on online RPG card games.  I'm used to the whole play monsters to beat your opponent's monster and get their HP down to 0.  While this one has the same objective, there was a little more strategy involved as well as a different method of getting units on the playing field.  So you start off with 4 coins in your hand and you take turns building up in order to buy either a unit or a card from the bank.  Units have different abilities when played: they can attack, or help you gain additional resources.  Cards have the same abilities but are along the lines of a "use once".  One bought cards (even if they are defeated) return to your deck (unless they get destroyed through a monster's ability or their own ability) so you have them (possibly) to play again later.  The "use once" cards are usually used and put back into your deck so once you buy them you can get them again and again.  This can get a little crazy as most cards you use other than the inial coins in your deck allow you to draw another card.  The deck is random so you could get the same card multiple times in a row and that card helps you redraw another card.  As you can probably tell this can get nuts with the playing field (to my knowledge) is infinite.  So to reiterate the objective is to get your opponent's hero HP down to zero.  Each of the heroes (like the units) have special abilities.  These can range from producing a specific resource every turn to automatically copying an unit you buy from the bank.  So for the most part you can customize your stategy based on your hero and the cards you have.  Each battle you play earns you silver and experience.  Silver can be used to buy packs of cards from the store.  Now this isn't the typical buy a pack and get several cards deal, you buy a pack and get to pick one of the three.  Thing is you can only have 1 of each specific card since once you have it, the bank can have it appear at any time.  So if it shows up in a pack, you have the chance to upgrade the card, and have it cost less coins in a battle.  You can also get new heroes through these packs.  Experience allows for you hero to level up and unlock specialty cards that they can use in their deck of units.  The deck is limited to a specific number, but as mentioned above, the bank can spawn multiple of each for you to buy during a battle.  Overall, I really enjoy this game. Unofrtunately the campaign is still being made so you have to wait for them to be released but you can still play each mission multiple times at different levels of difficulty.  Plus you can skirmish to earn more silver and rack up those wins to unlock the higher difficulties on campaign mode.  Its a really fun game that I can see getting addicted to, and they're looking to expand to Steam.  So if you get a chance, or like RPG stategy card games, I would say give this one a go!

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