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~zombies eat brains, so don't worry most of u will be fine~

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Karma: 17
05/21/2017 ram2002

luck is god

03/19/2017 Gold31000

Thanks for the guide on SAS 4

02/04/2017 jeremyhack12345

nice member

09/30/2016 tikoking2

Because I restarted playing SAS4, and you are updating the hacks. I am going to donate money to Konghack (rather to you guys that Ninjakiwi)

09/16/2016 ezyq

i like comments

01/18/2016 speedracer9946

SAS 4 hacks are great. Thanks

01/16/2016 acampilan1001

"thumbs up" for some of your info i read

11/05/2015 randomly2100

Seems we had a misunderstanding. Since I can't remove the down karma I gave you below, here's an up karma

11/05/2015 randomly2100

Forgot to do it yesterday. I clearly stated that I completely lost interest in the conversation and there you went trying to make me look like a retard talking about ip bans like no one knows what it is, and also mentioning that nk has zero tolerance for hackers like no one(more specifically me) didn't already know that already. Sorry, but that just annoyed the crap out of me.

10/15/2015 shuruken247

haha dat doge

10/11/2015 Gloria

For adding the 4x more Zombies.

10/10/2015 ruthlessmarine

This contribution to the thread is especially valuable and should be regarded as better than the general nature of posts.

09/04/2015 Darklord007

Thanks, man! Cool hacks and updates

08/27/2015 okatokat

Thanks for SAS4 Hack.

08/03/2015 WalterWhite

Useful SAS tips and hacks!

07/28/2015 fakutya

You are awesome for updating SAS 4 hacks all the time :)

07/13/2015 The Ignorant Masses

Yeah, there's an other forum, so don't go jamming shit where it doesn't belong.

07/04/2015 cloak2001

Thanks for all the hard work u put into the hacks of sas 4... Much appreciated.

05/07/2015 jakehead21

Very helpful info.

04/19/2015 PedroAvenger

Awesome, thank you

04/16/2015 Klonopin

I might have to come out to your Location and farm some Zombies my friend.

Karma Given
09/18/2016 ZuckeR

Wow. Almost $2000 in donation. Thank you for your generosity. Respect!

02/22/2016 The Ignorant Masses

no shit sherlock, retard alert lmao !!!11!!!

02/20/2016 The Ignorant Masses

lmao, thats freaking hilarious, extreme retard xD

01/16/2016 randomly2100

Just noticed you submitted an insane amount of hacks, great work mate!!

11/25/2015 Strider18

INgrateful fgt

11/05/2015 randomly2100

misunderstanding, counter karma

11/05/2015 randomly2100

annoying troll...

11/04/2015 effewe2

for doing something i'm too lazy to do, thanks ^^

10/17/2015 akinlaw

seriously dude, not posting anything is not cool

10/10/2015 Zenwaichi

you are too kind!!! giving free points to everyone lol

10/01/2015 SilverWombat

are you an English teacher? xD

09/22/2015 The Ignorant Masses

cheers! :D

09/20/2015 Buzzyboyish

and why must u necro a 4-year old thread?

08/27/2015 driads

this guy is getting banned, isnt he?

spamming threads with meaningless messages like "121212"

08/24/2015 Zenwaichi

this guy is awesome, he helps everybody :)

08/21/2015 Nightshades

welcome back!

08/05/2015 bobby420

great way to get banned, hopefully TIM is in a good mood :P

08/01/2015 kolonelkadat

u da real MVP! :D

07/29/2015 effewe2

your promised karma (30th karma :D sweet!)

07/26/2015 Zenwaichi

thanks man, for taking the time to create this wonderful hack! Much appreciated!

07/24/2015 Zenwaichi

gud1, nice hacks

07/22/2015 AnthonysToolbox

kickass man, amazing hacks!

07/21/2015 adnan

yep, thats exactly what everyone should've done in the first place

07/21/2015 effewe2

screw the ungrateful bitches that havent said "thank you for updating the hacks" yet :D

07/17/2015 EHoK

you deserve it!

07/09/2015 effewe2

cool hack, may come in handy later :D

07/08/2015 The Ignorant Masses

good laugh, thanks =D

07/01/2015 effewe2

Tridents can be earned legit!!!!!!! :DDDD

06/25/2015 hackergonnahackLOL

I'm gonna say thank you one more time :)

06/25/2015 effewe2

i've been gone for a while...heres the karma that you deserved

05/14/2015 effewe2

I'm gonna +karma every time you update the hacks. I'm crazy :)

05/01/2015 effewe2

Double +karma works!

04/23/2015 kolonelkadat

Thank you ;)

04/19/2015 Mythrrinthael


04/19/2015 haenawolf

I'm afraid telepathy does work, my friend :DD

04/14/2015 effewe2

Thank you very much for your help and the SAS 4 hacks :D

04/12/2015 Nightshades

Thank you very much for your help! :D

04/11/2015 The Ignorant Masses

Cuz you're awesome! :D You have helped me a lot! THANK YOU

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