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04/16/2015 The Ignorant Masses

2 year thread necro

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Banned On 04/22/2015
Current Ban Level: 2
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Since you were wondering, this is what happens.
Complaints Issued
Time Complaint
2015-04-23 16:40:01 Lets see. I made a post in a thread that was apparently old. You then told me
you took away a karma point for it. Then, you banned me because I told you I
don't know what your 'karma' system on this site means so i wasn't insulted by
losing a karma point. I think that's a little harsh don't you? I would like to
keep using this site if you agree.
2015-05-06 20:19:08 any idea how long this ban will last? posting a 'thank you' on an old thread
then replying to a personal message from an admin politely should really not
result in a lifetime ban.
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