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(04:47:10 AM) arumax: helloo
(04:47:10 AM) the_ignorant_masses: This is an autoreply: I am currently not available. Please leave your message, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
(04:47:36 AM) arumax: my auto scan is not working in KHUT
(04:47:59 AM) arumax: and even when i manual search mnay hakc sare not working
(04:48:09 AM) arumax: when i play freefalltournament
(04:48:43 AM) arumax: only one hack is working that too 1.5 speed hack
(04:50:31 AM) arumax: i think that the hacks have been patched by kongregate or freerangegames
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