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Karma: 14
11/24/2017 victorsp

Was reading post on burrito bison launche libre where you mentioned the difference between flash plugin and Unity webgl plugin and their related processes conveniently the browser you mentioned was firefox which is also my prefrence for online flash game playing so now i know something valuable. Thank you

11/23/2017 mpccomp

Read your guide on sas za 4 hack list. Thanks

06/23/2017 xmenta

Could you figure out how to hack the Feathers amount, please?

12/03/2016 LeUsername

+1 for being so awesome to use my post in your feature request :D

11/29/2016 T0B14S

I liked this comment. I mean, it can be helpful, even if I don't have the requeriments to do that kind of stuff (or maybe, it can help me in the future. Who knows?).


11/16/2016 acmapilan01

Positive response

09/09/2016 Ahssherder

Great work, nice tuto ;) I hope it's not the first nor the last

09/08/2016 Zenwaichi

tutorial writing has increased by 0.1%

09/01/2016 abuu

Thanks for your work on MAA! ;)

08/20/2016 aleh3000

Please make a cheat for this thx u for all the hard work :)!

07/06/2016 Nuriell

Thanks to you.

06/03/2016 Nuriell

Thanks for you kindness so one for you too.

05/31/2016 Zenwaichi

You already started giving back. And I proposed those changes :P

05/13/2016 Exidraa

What can I say , besides offering REALY nice company , you're also a swell guy !! ;)

P.s : Thanks ALOT for the website links !!!

Karma Given
02/02/2017 G3MER

Your Gif avatar is beast.

02/01/2017 herefishyfishy2

Herefishyfishy - SMG4

01/23/2017 warsis

Karma rebalance...

01/12/2017 Simple_AOB

What an outstanding tutorial! 😁😁

01/04/2017 remy49

Badass #420. Blaze it m8

01/01/2017 Simple_AOB

Because your extension a bad ass.

12/13/2016 LeUsername

Karma rebalance

12/07/2016 vaidaitrau

Fucking 5 spam posts in three minutes. Enjoy your meatspin.

12/06/2016 The Ignorant Masses

Man you're hilarious.

12/06/2016 jowback

Fakutya can go fuck himself. I'm getting sick of these retards submitting down karma with dumbass descriptions.

12/05/2016 tigressflora

Such excellent posts for a new member :D

11/30/2016 T0B14S

Lol, he's a bad user alright :P

11/30/2016 Tapsukka00

Nice topic spam

11/02/2016 thenewcomer

I like the new rules.

11/02/2016 Zenwaichi

Thanks for the information. We won't have to go through this ever again.

11/02/2016 Jessyca

Great job on your hacks. I hope you have more of them to submit ;)

11/01/2016 lol wut

Great post, great examples, and great explanations.

10/27/2016 muhanad

You apologized, so karma re balance :)

10/26/2016 muhanad

We don't hack currency.

10/21/2016 Jessyca

Karma rebalance

10/18/2016 kitsune

Cute cat ;)

10/17/2016 Zenwaichi FTW

10/12/2016 nozam22

You know how to read directions, unlike those other retards. Up-Votes FTW!

10/12/2016 LeUsername

Never fail to reply with awesome explanations!

10/11/2016 Strider18

Karma rebalance

10/10/2016 thenewcomer

Thanks for the help and thanks for the links :D

10/08/2016 Tsumi

For helping out with PSI :D

10/07/2016 The Ignorant Masses

Good music deserves good karma :P

10/05/2016 kolonelkadat

For all the softwares you made. Makes hacking a breeze!

10/04/2016 VxD

Just because I like you :D

10/03/2016 karanka

For an awesome Gif avatar :D

09/27/2016 lol wut

Great job making that spreadsheet. Very organized and accurate. I get down-votes from most of those members in your list. :P

09/22/2016 kolonelkadat

Nulling that down-karma from that asshole.

09/16/2016 Xaio

Great signature my friend :D

09/15/2016 thenewcomer

50th Karma. Great Job helping others :D

09/11/2016 LittleRedEye

Giving you an opportunity to start fresh.

09/10/2016 LittleRedEye

Karma Rebalance

09/10/2016 LeUsername

Well said man. :D

09/09/2016 reported0

Great Job man! Made your first hack! :D

09/08/2016 kolonelkadat

Helping out those newbies :P

09/04/2016 Tsumi

Keep up the great work. :D

09/03/2016 EHoK

Thanks for letting my hacks stay. :D

09/01/2016 abuu

Same to you bro :D

09/01/2016 Kennithern

Lol nice post. And great avatar ;)

08/31/2016 Tsumi

Oh yeah and the process too :P

08/31/2016 kolonelkadat

Lol. True :P

08/31/2016 gates

Thanks for the values! :D

08/28/2016 lol wut

Thanks! I couldn't have done it without you! :D

08/28/2016 jarly

I appreciate the up-votes :D

08/24/2016 Nuriell

Without your games and values I wouldn't be able to make 200 hacks. Thanks a lot! :D

08/23/2016 macaister

Karma re-balance.

08/22/2016 Tsumi

I never gave you karma for the support did I? lol

08/22/2016 aleh3000

I appreciate the encouragement.

08/22/2016 EHoK

It's annoying as fuck to see so much people thanking you but never giving karma :P

08/22/2016 thenewcomer

Thanks for doing that favor :D

08/19/2016 The Ignorant Masses

Kick ass! Keep up the great work! I hope things stay good. :D

08/19/2016 LeUsername

Yep. Pretty please.

08/19/2016 ZuckeR

No, you don't suck.

08/19/2016 jarly

Just for trying out my hacks :D

08/18/2016 Dark Render

Thanks. Lots of people down-vote hacks because they don't read the description.

08/17/2016 zVYFqWO9lfCT6bL

Thanks for helping keep Konghack alive!

08/15/2016 thenewcomer

That was too funny lol

08/15/2016 Simple_AOB

Thanks for that link.

08/14/2016 Adversities

Keep up the good work! :D

08/05/2016 randomly2100

That tutorial was awesome. Never learned about Lea. Thanks a lot!

08/02/2016 The Ignorant Masses

Thanks for that post clean up. It was horrifying.

07/30/2016 EHoK

Thanks for helping out bro :)

07/24/2016 lol wut

Thanks a a lot! :D

07/22/2016 Smoshi

Sword and Magic my ass :D

07/20/2016 dumpster03

Nice tutorial :D

07/18/2016 Zenwaichi

You are of great help! :D

07/14/2016 Tsumi

Thanks for helping me out!

07/06/2016 Nuriell

Thanks for all the values! :D

07/06/2016 Simple_AOB

Thanks for the Wildcard suggestion. Now my hacks are working better :D

06/25/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

For giving them the leethax fix :)

06/21/2016 abuu

Great job on the hack! :D

06/20/2016 skuff

He never gave you up karma for the points, so here ya go!

06/20/2016 thenewcomer

For trying to help me with my hack. You've done a good job at it :)

06/18/2016 Ahssherder

Thanks for that video. I need to keep up with updates :D

06/10/2016 Frylock321

Thanks for telling me that I didn't mention the target for the game :)

06/08/2016 Zenwaichi

"Things I trust more than I trust Hillary Clinton: Mexican tap water. Farting when I have diarrhea. Having a drink offered by Bill Cosby. Michael Jackson's doctor. Prince's pharmacist. Half-price gas station Sushi. A Nazi plumber fixing my shower. Prayers for peace from Al Sharpton. Playing Russian Roulette with a semi-automatic pistol. An investment email from a Nigerian prince. A Ford Pinto with twenty extra jugs of gasoline in the back seat. And finally - Bill Clinton at a Girl Scout convention."

Zenwaichi 2016/6/8

06/08/2016 lol wut

Thanks for all of the hacks you made! Kick ass man!

06/08/2016 jarly

Thanks Jarly for telling me about my hack. I didn't know :)

06/06/2016 kolonelkadat

Awesome job on the new features on the KongHack Ultra Trainer. I like it a lot! :)

06/06/2016 Tsumi

"In the end, the video just replaces one feral animal with another. Freedom? From what? Face your demons? Or rather, stripped of your dark blindness to be replaced by one of brightness Starting over what? There's nothing to start over after that, just continuation... There is no "moral" here. There's just replacement of one god with another.. Tsumi▸Free yourself of your shackles I did, but I did nothing more, and you're still up with the same thinking as before. Also... Tell me, who is the one who is defeated. The bad guy or the good guy?"

~Tsumi 6/5/2016

06/03/2016 Zenwaichi

For letting me know my hacks were not updated. I almost forgot to give you up karma :P

06/02/2016 Nuriell

Well, I saw your karma and "Pootis Man" gave you down karma (But thanking you for the trainer :P). So here's an up karma to replace that!

05/31/2016 thenewcomer

Helping me with my script. You deserve it dude! :D

05/24/2016 Tsumi

For going through all of that bullshit just to test my hack :D

05/22/2016 The Ignorant Masses

For the new hack submission rules. So much people submit fake hacks, but not anymore :)

05/17/2016 Zenwaichi

Helping me finally make an AoB :)

05/16/2016 thenewcomer

For helping me on scripts :)

05/14/2016 kolonelkadat

For the useful programs to help me make AoB's. Kickass man!!

04/30/2016 Tsumi

For being helpful

04/19/2016 kolonelkadat

Thanks for the points again! Here's another up karma!

04/19/2016 kolonelkadat

Thanks for the points man! :D

04/18/2016 Zenwaichi

Thanks for the hacks bro! :)

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