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A1 to A0 architect.
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Karma: 34
10/21/2020 kiss_of_kill

Thank you for the detailed breakthrough!

05/11/2020 extremtea

my dick hurts and he put ice bag on it karma up

10/15/2017 jerkhead

Thanks for the Squid Ink help!

08/11/2017 kkkkk

tower keepers hacks

08/28/2016 Mordecai897

I appreciate the up-votes :D

08/27/2016 karanka

Just because :)

08/27/2016 karanka

Thanks bro for the draw hack and all the explanations.

08/19/2016 Mordecai897

Just for trying out my hacks :D

07/02/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

epic infos right here!

06/20/2016 karanka

You are the best!

06/08/2016 Mordecai897

Thanks Jarly for telling me about my hack. I didn't know :)

05/22/2016 sweet_nath

Great hack, thank you!

03/05/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

both for the directory entry and the detailed explanation about how to spy out future releases

03/04/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

thanks again!

03/04/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

thanks for helping!

01/02/2016 randomly2100

You've tested my hacks and provided helpful feedback on more than one occasions. Perhaps I should return the favor sometimes :)

06/03/2015 raiken2

Thanks man.

05/17/2015 Ahssherder

I was looking for something like this, I did something similar in VB 6 but this is much better;) Thx 4 the tip

05/14/2015 AWSMANKS

you are awesome man. thanks a lot.

05/11/2015 dreamwalker

for adding the PVE hack to the database

05/07/2015 AWSMANKS

Thankyou for being polite and providing all the awesome hacks

03/23/2015 tomcur

thx for the answer..;)

01/16/2015 kirbyonwarpstar

Sharing MAA XMLs

12/21/2014 Badgertastic3

Thanks for the info Jarly :)

09/07/2014 kirbyonwarpstar Free gold for MAA thanks for sharing!
07/18/2014 gates haha
05/30/2014 Badgertastic Let's stop this kiddies for fighting lol
03/20/2014 azazelnn
02/25/2014 Dainslef
02/25/2014 real_slow_one liked the point you was making.. VERY well put actually
02/20/2014 yangxi1 good guide
02/10/2014 piratesephiroth Thanks, I had forgotten about it.
01/29/2014 BTNghiaktvn
01/28/2014 gates haha, thanks for the lulz
08/03/2013 fandango
06/27/2013 terox69
Karma Given
08/12/2017 kkkkk

Thanks for showing those images. I hope it will help many people.

01/14/2017 jowback

Thanks for the new hacks, this game is not fun without them

05/31/2016 likalo

congratulations, and welcome

04/16/2016 sweet_nath

Thanks for sharing this.

03/02/2016 kirbyonwarpstar

You are very patient with people. That's cool.

11/13/2015 Gillman

That's some very nice documentation of your research. Thanks for doing that work, and then posting the details. Have you ever looked at command_list.xml ? It's in the same url as the other xml/enUS/*.xml files.

05/24/2015 kirbyonwarpstar

HUUGE time saver. Thanks for doing this.

04/16/2015 kirbyonwarpstar

very nice I do this with another program for chrome, and I've never seen anyone else describe this technique

07/30/2014 haenawolf reminding me to look for the latest remote-services .ct for kingsroad
05/05/2014 splash21 awesome dragon tear hack
04/09/2014 haenawolf Kingsroad would be so boring without your help.
03/06/2014 real_slow_one awesome 'don't complain' post re:marvel glitches
03/04/2014 kolonelkadat The guy says "exe error". You reply with broken English and "pebkac", then he thanks you, calls you bro, and professes love. Sweet merciful crap; those three posts are glorious. That was hilarious, and thanks. I should like to add, there was another post where some guy suggesting a capo for easy chord-progressions and understanding chord shapes instead of learning root-third-fifth-seventh or whatever. You set him straight by encouraging the OP to learn a little theory instead of selling out by doing G-C-D all the way up the neck with a capo bar, and calling it a new song. Newfoundland Screech is a nice rum. Have a good evening.
02/12/2014 haenawolf Thanks for the details on the script. I counted about 200 ids, but the numbers at the bottom (1000, and 15,000) I wasn't sure about.
12/10/2012 The Ignorant Masses Thanks for sharing your pain with us.
12/03/2012 fastnick1oo Flawless. Thanks!
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