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02/20/2018 The Ignorant Masses

BOOM, useful suggestion for people with keyboard issues / brain damage. :D

02/20/2018 Nicolas2K17

Cool guy that likes to help the people with its problems.

12/01/2017 redrussian1

Great choice of games :)

Karma Given
05/07/2018 SASLeetHaxor

Found your post on Leveling up in SAS-4. this is a good post and i appreciate you posting . so here is my question:

there is NOTE on MASTERY XP that it ALSO UNLOCKS THE BLACK GEAR REWARDS and "makes them permanent" for character that uses the MASTERY XP HACK, some have said to use it by playing the level and quitting the game not winning it an the black gear collection glitch is not triggered. can you verify this?

02/25/2018 didi777

This is for posting money cheat of game road fury 3 and personally for relieving me of tireless grinding. Thank you and keep up the good work

01/17/2018 waltherwrsp

clicker heroes. Wise choice of game.

01/09/2018 Silver0Eye

was browsing the forums and found you replied to my essay long opinion on your browser problem. Thank you for reading and i hope your problem gets resolved.

12/01/2017 redrussian1

Found your karma vote via message system.I appreciate it and have an up vote ;D. Thank you

11/24/2017 hackergonnahackLOL

Was searching the SAS ZA 4 hack list / vote forum and came across your post and cheat table for the game. For sharing these hacks Thank you.

11/24/2017 Mordecai897

Was reading post on burrito bison launche libre where you mentioned the difference between flash plugin and Unity webgl plugin and their related processes conveniently the browser you mentioned was firefox which is also my prefrence for online flash game playing so now i know something valuable. Thank you

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