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Karma: 62
07/04/2017 FAggit

Forgot to say please in my post so I'm giving you karma :D

04/25/2017 crazy_QBZ

loving all the stats

10/30/2016 xII_G_Unit

post helps everyone out for quick fixs

08/31/2016 Mordecai897

Thanks for the values! :D

04/08/2016 thehackerofmax

because you are the best

04/06/2016 Zenfair

Thanks for the programming stuff you've posted!

02/16/2016 drcorona

great intro

01/05/2016 lestadxxx

pueden traducir todo

11/22/2015 zazanha

What can I say? Thank you for the tutorials, I really needed

09/27/2015 KungRung

u r cule me god at spell

09/13/2015 testx

thank you.

07/20/2015 suckmyweapons

Thanks for the info about some rules and other things :)

05/07/2015 franktheplank

Be sure to let them know why you're giving out karma!

04/19/2015 Taija

Thank you!

04/03/2015 jofaramans

parce qu'il essaye de faire avancer le programme "KongHack"

03/24/2015 Mijo

This is great

03/13/2015 Rampant_uterus

Nice topic on the rating. Noobs need to learn how to use it.

02/25/2015 effewe2

Couldn't have said it better myself.

02/12/2015 dacs

thanks for infos

12/14/2014 DarthMaverick

Thanks for the sponsorship.

12/11/2014 flashlight1564

thanks for the help

12/10/2014 The Ignorant Masses

Bonus Karma!

12/05/2014 jerinaldo
11/24/2014 buzztardz19
11/07/2014 MIRZA12 k
10/17/2014 jj89 I am Lorde ya ya ya
10/16/2014 SoTF BrandoN Very good Addition!
09/30/2014 Horizon Thanks, that was really nice of you.
09/28/2014 xEPIx
09/17/2014 Nathanrar1 cleansing the noobage of the universe, one step at a time
09/13/2014 hackling
09/06/2014 synce24
08/28/2014 Majstersztyk Now i know how it works! Thanx a lot!
08/27/2014 taken4time Quick and informative response
08/18/2014 kutankman nice cheat
08/01/2014 rashedw Ty for the Sponsor.
07/26/2014 Monochimp
07/12/2014 blueline0 Tutorial UP!
07/08/2014 weirdy112 Thanks for being Informative. :)
06/12/2014 Zarret Thanks for the quick reply :)
06/04/2014 Zenwaichi nice verbal rape, couldn't agree more
06/04/2014 The Ignorant Masses Agreed
05/17/2014 AnthonysToolbox
03/09/2014 Creamy thank you for that script xD
02/17/2014 owtdrawkcab great post
02/15/2014 shunabi
02/12/2014 The Ignorant Masses Great rant man!
02/08/2014 G4T3S Testing something. Nice post though :)
02/08/2014 fieldy49mhz Be sure to let them know why you're giving out karma!
02/02/2014 lol wut For being super helpful & fixing the massive list of database tomfoolery.
12/24/2013 FinalStrife7
11/05/2013 Mastenship
11/03/2013 zhripzzz thanks for updating aobs
09/08/2013 KongregateHack Sees a newb Doesn't flame
08/28/2013 mxe thank you Sir Gates for your Information, it removes 443 error from the address as i follow your Instruction,
07/31/2013 blahblahman for the lulz
06/30/2013 kolonelkadat for the tremendously keen bug finding skills!
05/18/2013 Anubis1997 1
05/16/2013 Anubis1997 1
05/11/2013 The Ignorant Masses Thanks for all of the help. Welcome to being a moderator!
04/26/2013 DK000 Saved me major Rage quitting :)
04/26/2013 kolonelkadat nice
Karma Given
05/14/2015 lordrayden78

Thanks for actually reading the 101 before posting

04/22/2015 Galrick

Now there's something to link to. Nice work.

03/29/2015 hulm

Helping keep KongHack alive...thanks man!

03/09/2015 fathead

Let's hope they actually read this before creating a new topic...

02/19/2015 lol wut

Nice work!

01/28/2015 accounthack

Nice work.

12/25/2014 accounthack

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have some karma.

11/25/2014 The Ignorant Masses This made me lol
11/21/2014 kolonelkadat
09/06/2014 jelly For pointing a noob in the right direction...
08/18/2014 Lucifer Being helpful even after getting negative karma...
07/18/2014 jarly haha
07/17/2014 The Ignorant Masses Nice work!
07/11/2014 Nuriell Thanks for the donation!
06/22/2014 haenawolf Thanks for all the hard work and contributions to Kong Hack!
06/19/2014 The Ignorant Masses haha
06/09/2014 The Ignorant Masses haha
05/15/2014 AnthonysToolbox Nice art!
05/01/2014 Zirak Hopefully someone learns from it!
04/17/2014 kolonelkadat The Ultra Trainer is fucking awesome!
02/10/2014 The Ignorant Masses Invaluable information
02/07/2014 Stalin15 sounds legit
01/28/2014 jarly haha, thanks for the lulz
01/26/2014 Simple_AOB Nice man, everything all in one package!
01/25/2014 haenawolf For all of your hacks, thanks man!
01/22/2014 lol wut You're a machine! You haven't posted in the forums in a long time so I'm using your last post to say thanks, again.
12/22/2013 Simple_AOB Nice tut, keep em comin!
11/06/2013 wasauchimmer For using [Request] in the subject line. Read this...
11/04/2013 Integrated For the game icons, awesome job!
11/04/2013 VxD For the missing icons, nice work!
11/04/2013 Stalin15 For taking 2nd place in the art contest, you should finish the rest of the icons!
11/04/2013 Incognitus For taking 1st place in the art contest, nice work man!
11/02/2013 missuschainsaw You won the pumpkin carving contest, congratulations!
10/06/2013 Tsumi For all the time spent on what will become the wiki. Hopefully people take the time to read it.
07/29/2013 ZiomekPL This is for downvoting my working AoB you fuck.
07/27/2013 thenewcomer sig reward :)
07/27/2013 kolonelkadat For my sig :D
07/20/2013 dudial Nice!
07/12/2013 yavn03 For down voting my working AoB
06/30/2013 lol wut For the insane amount of AoBs you provide...
06/30/2013 kolonelkadat For FINALLY finishing and releasing KBH
05/13/2013 maeronta For taking the time to fill up the hack database
05/10/2013 crazy_turban Nice work on the Nitrome pack
05/02/2013 Simple_AOB Nice tutorial
04/17/2013 kolonelkadat I use your SWF Memory Dumper and Raw Data AoB Extractor regularly. I've been using the original version of the AoB Extractor and just got the newest version. Nice work, bro.
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