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08/27/2014 EHoK You're laughable.
08/26/2014 The Ignorant Masses Trainer Only hacks are set BY THE CREATOR OF THE HACKS. It's an option we provided to the dedicated staff that produce the hacks. We've been having major problems with people stealing the hacks from this site and SELLING THEM. That's right. Let's say one of our guys spends a week making an awesome hack for an MMO. He releases it for free. Then captain dumb fuck comes along and SELL IT, making money off of STOLEN work. Since setting the system up to allow members to day Trainer Only Hack, and since we're encrypting everything during transit, this reselling of member contributed hacks is gone, at least as far as we can tell. The dozen or so sites we were monitoring haven't posted shit in the last month. Anyway, I know it's hard to read the site, so read this. Be a bitch again and I'll ban your ass so hard all you'll wind up on shock sites every time you try to come back. Have a nice day. ~TiM
08/26/2014 The Ignorant Masses Read before being a fucktard
08/26/2014 EHoK You're REALLY getting annoying with this "hiding aobs with trainer" thing you got going on... The users that a posing this AoBs have the freedom to choose to make it trainer only or not, so before you go posing crap like you are now, do some research. Instead of complaining that you can't use another user's hack, then how about you try to make your own? Really man... quit complaining. You're acting exactly like someone that has two-billion dollars and is crying because he doesn't know what to spend it on.
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