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05/31/2015 raiken2

Thanks for the info on how to save me own xml files.

10/04/2014 GrImFaNdAnGo I feel your pain from one brother with the energy curse to another :)
10/04/2014 bigjohn28
03/10/2014 terminatorov
03/06/2014 shadowlordforever Nice Post.Stirred up my feelings,not that one lol
03/06/2014 brotherbear
03/06/2014 jarly awesome 'don't complain' post re:marvel glitches
02/10/2014 merdol39
01/30/2014 shadowlordforever Thanks for the suggestion
Karma Given
04/19/2015 kolonelkadat

thank again for the great work an effort I know you put into this site an the trainer as well.. wish I could say I have he skills also.. lol.. guess its why I envy it so much.. hehe.. keep up the great work man.. TRULY..

04/19/2015 dreamwalker

figured you deserved some form of lasting thanks for your help.. hehe

12/24/2014 fathead

agreed strongly with your post.. had issues due to the same thing..

03/10/2014 terminatorov thank you for the quick response an informative answer as well.. wish you all the best in your endeavors as well.. an again thanks for all the great effort an time you share with us all
02/25/2014 jarly liked the point you was making.. VERY well put actually
02/01/2014 terminatorov thank you for the coding done an sharing it with us whom lack the coding skills an knowledge
02/01/2014 haenawolf to thank you for all the effort and time you take helping us with all the coding needed to bottle feed us with such little knowledge of the coding
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