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03/10/2015 The Ignorant Masses

Lol, someone gave you +karma for this bullshit. Goanna level that out.

03/10/2015 The Ignorant Masses

Lol, enjoy your ban.

03/10/2015 jiano

True, we need to avoid crap on the forums #lel

Banned On 03/10/2015
Current Ban Level: 2
Ban Reason:
And now you're banned, dumbass.
Complaints Issued
Time Complaint
2015-04-23 14:35:06 lol... okaayyy...

so you tell someone to fuck off for making an honest point. get called a dumbass
for it... and then you're response is to ban the user. real mature.

no prob dude, i was actually visiting the site a bit more frequently as of late
but you gave me good reason not to. i COULD just register under a different i.d.
and publicly post about this, but nah... you'd probably delete that anyway and
it's not worth my time. the internet's a big place; lots to do...

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