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07/07/2013 VxD why down my karma for you nub
07/06/2013 The Ignorant Masses Read before acting like an idiot. It's a 32-bit program that requires .NET 4.5. If you don't have .NET 4.5, you're shit out of luck. Get a newer operating system. XP was released in 2001. Get over it.
07/06/2013 The Ignorant Masses Down karma to balance things out.
06/30/2013 xmegarockx hey dont worry ;D
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Being a dick.
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07/07/2013 http://www.TubGirl.me
07/07/2013 http://www.FruitLauncher.com
07/07/2013 http://www.EatYourSoup.com
07/08/2013 http://www.PhoneJapan.com
07/08/2013 http://www.LOLHello.com
07/08/2013 http://www.WalkTheDinosaur.com
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