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Streetfighteronline Posted on: 01/21/2016 12:50pm
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Hi, today im requesting a simple Hack yet hard to-do for myself.

This game is very old, im playing it since 2000.

It's a Fighting Game which is very popular for its Name " Street Fighter "

This version here is Online, can be played with Browser or Client which is downloadable.

This Game is run by Flash, Shockwave 8.0.

There is an Optional program that can be downloaded which is called Game Vindicator, this Programm prevents users from using Cheat Engine or cheating generaly.

I once used Speed Hack of CE and got my account blocked for 2 weeks, after that Time Period, i was not able to play  SFO without GV anymore, so SFO told me always " turn on GV if you want to Play " it kinda recorded what i did in the Past and prevents me to attempt any other Hacking.

This Game was back in 2000-2008 very crowded and was alot of Fun, today its like a ghost-town.

There are only Veterans left that play still.

Enough of the Story, here is my request:

SpeedHack undetectable while using Game Vindicator
Normal Speed 1x, Speedhack requested 2x ( enough )

If there is anyone who can make this Happen, i would be very happy and appericate it.

Thanks for Reading and Thanks for taking your time guys.

Here is the Link to the Site: 


RE: Streetfighteronline Posted on: 03/13/2016 8:00pm
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You been playing it since 2000, but the only thing you was able to accomplish was speedhack. You got to be kidding me right?

Thing you should have been able to do.

I'll help you with the helper hack & probably time hack. From there you will be on your own.