[Information] SAS 4 File Handling Post of the year.
SAS 4 File Handling Post of the year. Posted on: 03/25/2016 7:03am
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KissMyWeapons - Professional Flash Hacker :D

It's my final and last post for this game so not going to "QQ" i give you all guys a big clue.

The game handle all those files and are used to make anything you have in the head...

English.csv (Handle Weapon Name/Description/AugmentName etc...)
Assets.csv (Handle all Assets loaded, 2k+ Assets boy) see my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wNv3rqK2muw .

Libs.csv (Handle all loaded library)

Scripts.csv (handle all Game Package, Such as Class.Avatar.Assault, projectiles handler and AI Object such as HVM captain handling, Health and etc (note that HVM Captain is an Object, not an "ennemy defined", and all other (we'll not discuss about that).

Game.csv (handle drop, starting weapon on character creation, augments damage, specification, maximum skill points, masteries, manufacturer etc...

Ammo.csv (Handle all Ammo ID such as AssaultRifle,Chemical,Disc,Flamethrower,energy,laser,lmg,pistol,shock,shotgun,subspace,thermal.

Localization.csv (Handle all CombotMessage/DialogMessage) like retard civilians "AAaahhhh ! Save US ! exemple: combotMessage.useAssaultTeam.message = "Assault team GO GO GO!".

fileSize.csv (Handle all the size of all loaded files).

playerClass.csv (Handle the "3" Playable class, the name of each rank, the maximum number of "level" a class has, the ID of the class, the name of the class/rank, the XP needed for level, the base Health of this class, the base Stamina (energy), also include the MASS of the entity.

It's been decrypted.

Equipment.bin (Store all Armor ID,Grade etc....)

Weapon.bin (Store all Weapons,ID,Grade,Projectile type, manufacturer type,etc...) //This is what these retard call the Gun's code...

Maps.bin (Store a few Assets loaded, marker position on minimap, a few object as well.

Ennemies.bin (Store all type of ennemies, their starting health,damage,mass (movement speed,etc....)

Augments.bin (Store all type of augment, including player one, and Monster one) for exemple you could potentialy apply a "Berserk" behavior on your character, nor why not a PlasmaCoat (Beta term ?) as an augment.

Ps: You got enough valuable info don't ask me where yo get/use them, you have enough info to get them yourself,no goal to tell you everything isn't it ? you need a bit of difficulty, it's like playing as Guest online you know =D

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