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Anybody have it?
Runescape: Idle adventures Posted on: 05/12/2016 12:44am
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Runescape idle adventures is out in beta...yes as if runescape wasn't enough of an idle game itself already. Thanks to the master's of in app purchases at hyper hippo, jagex has "teamed up" with them to have this game produced. I have been graced with a beta key on my steam account and wanted to know if anybody else has and could possibly give some h4x insight for it. As the generic cheat engine 4byte/8byte/speedhack seem to do nothing. Even tried switching computer into offline mode and putting the internal date ahead a day to see if that'd work and nada.

Unrelated to hacks, for those who like idle games, this is hella better than adventure capitalist in my opinion.

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RE: Runescape: Idle adventures Posted on: 09/17/2016 6:38am
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Don't have enough posts to add anything to the database but:

The values of your HP and enemy HP in dungeons are double * 1

These values do not change between dungeons (from what I've noticed) so once you found them you can freeze your HP and keep setting the enemy HP to 1 each time a mob spawns, works on bosses too.

RE: Runescape: Idle adventures Posted on: 10/27/2016 1:19pm
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Steam version: select the process idle-adventures.exe

The value of blue and red anima is double * 1. I found the red anima by searching [value between] and upgrading a combat skill. Had to pull two values from the list and changing them both. Same with blue anima: search with [value between]. There shouldn't be too many addresses to choose from, I got 40 and the top two were the only ones changing, so I pulled them down and changed them to my heart's desire. :)

RE: Runescape: Idle adventures Posted on: 10/28/2016 7:45pm
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Thank you for posting this! I am about to try this game out

RE: Runescape: Idle adventures Posted on: 11/20/2016 8:21pm
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Hi There,

​i found out you can increase "Levels" in each town. Its an normal 4bytes Search. Calculated max is 9999 even if youre number u changed values is higher.

​hope this helps someone

RE: Runescape: Idle adventures Posted on: 11/26/2016 11:15am
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it's a nice game, kinda slow on later parts, but still a very good one, thx for point out.