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Dash Quest Posted on: 05/19/2016 2:14pm
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You need to either have the ability to do a temp root on your phone to use Game Guardian, or you need a jail broken phone. I have a Droid Turbo and Sunshine works well for a temp root.

Pet skill points, skill points, epic coins, gold coins and skill points are all easily found with an exact value IE; search for 900 gold, spend or gain some, search for the new value such as say 850, eventually you'll end up with a single string. Change it to something like 999999, preform an action and it will refresh the value to the new one.

Hp is a bit more obnoxious, you need to search unknown value, take a hit, repeat and once you're down to about 200-100 strings you can look for strings that start with 8 and end with 38 such as "8D120c38" the values will resemble something like 1,111,345,523 changing the first or 2nd digit to 9 will make your hp bar convert to a errored combination of numbers and letters, then you'll know you have the right one and can change it back, and freeze it to give yourself God Mode, just make sure you alter your hp enough that you don't get one-shot.

more to come, unless i get bored with this game :D