[Request] Island Experiment
RE: Island Experiment Posted on: 04/18/2017 3:05pm
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This games anti cheat detecion is good, you will need someone to make a script to disable it if possible.

RE: Island Experiment Posted on: 11/02/2017 8:55pm
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I've tried dozens of methods to disable the anti-cheat detection. I've made it a dozen bypasses in, and they just keep coming. By far one of the best anti-cheat systems I've ever encountered. I'm not very good at this yet, so maybe someone with more experience can manage to break it. I'd love to see it done. Meanwhile, the only way to pseudo cheat this game is to lump all your houses together and use an auto-clicker to cycle through them all across a 60 second timeframe and let it run while you sleep. (click house, click "x", click next house, click "x" etc on all). Full upgraded houses will yield several 10k coins in an average night, if the game keeps running undeterred. Must leave it in full screen or the scroll likes to jump and throw off your aim! I think I use the GS Auto Clicker for this, if I remember right. Great multi-click recording and time interval interface. Takes a while to get it set up right and coordinated, but it's netted me 100k's of gold.

You 'can' import your game to mobile and try to use one of the mobile cheats out there, but all I've found are viruses and scam sites that make you take payed "surveys" that never enable the download. I found one cracked apk that lets you run the game where everything costs 0 diamonds, and it's lots of fun, but it is a much, much older version of the game and ends less than halfway through the normal storyline. It's also "offline" so you miss out on lots of the normal features and arches. It also had to be installed on a mobile device that does not already have Islan Experiment installed.

If anyone does manage to break this one, I'd be eternally greatful. Moreso in what I'd learn from the method and code than even just enjoying cheating the game. Whoever wrote this anti-cheat was really good!

RE: Island Experiment Posted on: 09/08/2018 7:15pm
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instant action

Luacall(Aobswap("f1 8d d2 03 f0 49 d0 30 f0 4a 60 92 4c 60 bd 47 66 cd 09 60 9b 52 66 b4 ca 01 46 d4 da 01 02 d0 66 ec 47 66 92 38 46 ec 4b 01 48 ","f1 8d d2 03 f0 49 d0 30 f0 4a 60 92 4c 60 bd 47 66 cd 09 60 9b 52 66 b4 ca 01 46 d4 da 01 02 d0 66 ec 47 24 00 48 46 ec 4b 01 48 "))

RE: Island Experiment Posted on: 11/09/2018 1:33pm
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That aob search came up with nothing for me :(

I'm running in older Firefox 52 so speedhack still works, too. Well, speedhack can freeze the game but not speed it up. Speedhack still works in other games though...