[source/tool]auto click
source code for quite fast autoit3 clicker.
[source/tool]auto click Posted on: 06/08/2016 4:24pm
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Hey guys. Since it's one of my first posts here, I've decided to share something with You :) It's autoclick script for autoit3. Yea, I know that there's a lot of them avialible online, but this one seems to be working fatest.
It's based on someone's else code, but i've basicly changed everything (from removing useless stuff, to making it run faster).


To compile it, You just need autoit3 (google it).
Hope it will be usefull for someone.

RE: [source/tool]auto click Posted on: 08/22/2016 5:21pm
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thank you this looks real nice it reads well.

i was a fan of ahk but autoit might be a tad easier to understand will surely try it out.

RE: [source/tool]auto click Posted on: 08/23/2016 9:00pm
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thanks bro