Input (Mouse, Keyboard & Controller) Recorder
Record your own bots, patterns and movements.
Input (Mouse, Keyboard & Controller) Recorder Posted on: 09/01/2016 6:20pm
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All credit towards this product goes to Nemex who distributes this package for free.

Are you experiencing a sore finger, wristaches, boredom,  mouse hate, dead parents, grind deficiency or stomach punch? Have you ever experienced depression, swallowed food, punched a lesbian, climbed a tree, climbed a no tree or cry farted? Are you white, black, Chinese color, Polish American, American ninja, Tiger Woods, a tiger in the woods, or a tiger in James Woods? Well, if you are experiencing all, some or some of none of these symptoms then you should ask me about Mouse Recorder Pro 2! Mouse Recorder Pro 2 is proven to decrease grind boredom by 76% while significantly reducing hair color.
- "It doesn't work!"
Who the fuck asked you, you cock sucher?! I mean sucker. Damnit!
Tests have proven that Mouse Recorder Pro 2 cures depression and Silly 80's Robot Body in most patients. Mouse Recorder Pro 2 can also help you multitask, virtually walk-swim, virtually sideways walk-swim, fall in virtual love, invent a name for a sword like Thunder Gold Protector or Treachery's Bronze Mageblade, lift weights, lift Tom Waits, tune a guitar, tune a human, fake time travel and much, much more! Are you tired of being overweight and unattractive? Well in two weeks after use, Mouse Recorder Pro 2 will give you nipple moustaches! If you've ever had to stop playing videogames cause you thought your face was on fire, then you need Mouse Recorder Pro 2! If you've ever tried to describe a co-worker to a friend without refering to his skin color for fear of sounding racist then you need Mouse Recorder Pro 2!
What are you waiting for!?
- "The bus."
No you're not.
- "Yes I am."
Then why aren't you wearing pants?
- "Damn, you're good."