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Is it possible???
Kawairun2 Posted on: 11/03/2016 1:05pm
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Hi guys, first of all i'll tell you the backstory to this.
So there's this game called Kawairun2 , which had a bug that if you create an account from the hacked version of the game (can be googled ) you would automatically get lvl 999 and everything unlocked (a save bug i suppose).
So recently, this got patched and you can't connect to the game from a hacked version of the site and all the hacked accounts were reset to lvl 1.
But recently this dude (who is 13 years old) Hacked his account to lvl 999 and many others (he would just ask for your login and pass, and somehow get your acc to lvl 999). 
I am really interested how can he do this, i already tried everything (From Flasm, Fiddler, and CE) but i couldn't do it.
He realeased a troll video on how to do it, if that helps you somehow (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWFQx8ubrUw) and gave away the account he hacked (Name: BarneyCalhoun Password:Awesome). If you know how he did it, please tell me.
Thanks in advance

RE: Kawairun2 Posted on: 11/08/2016 9:13pm
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Is really that good, the game??
I haven´t played that game.