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Klondike Facebook game Posted on: 11/09/2016 12:09am
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the game can be found here:


I have been having a go at hacking this game using the cheat editor,

but everything that I try to do is quickly wiped out by the game, except for a couple of minor exploits...

If you have any experience succesfully hacking this type of game pease could you let me know

so far I have managed to hack energy which is pretty easy just by searching for the nuber of energy, use one repeat until you find it but after editing the value if you try to speedily use the energy the game reports an error and refreshes, although if you use the energy one click at a time it is fine, for a short while before it caches up with you.

The only really useful purpose I have found is to allow you to pick up objects of any size on the map reagardless of current energy levels.

I will post updates on my progress and add more!

So far energy is 4bytes *1 and items in storage are 4bytes *8+6 experience is double*1

I have tried this with apples by transfering them to and from the dogsled and it ran smoothly

I also tried it with beams and flax and it works very briefly

again the game seems to catch on pretty quickly as soon as I tried to use them not sure what to do next...