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[Information] Tutorial about creating cheat using a PS3 (Partie 1)
Tutorial about creating cheat using a PS3 (Partie 1)

Hello everybody !
Im going to provide you a method to hacking your PS3 game. To start, you need :
- a PS3 hacked with a DEX Custom firmaware
- a NETCHEAT PS3 4.53 (just google it)
- a Target Manager (just google it to download ang configure it on your PC)

1) Connect your PS3 and your PC to the same router (with a wired connection, no using WIfi here)
2) Launch NETCHEAT and target manager
3) Launch your PS3 and your favorite game
4) Switch back on your pc, go to the NETCHEAT window and click on "connect" button.
5) Stay on NETCHEAT, go to the "range" tab and click on "find range" (i strongly advice you to save them, when the research will be finished)
6) Now you are ready to hack your favorite game !