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Wondering where the sol files are at? Register or Sign In to find out!
Last Updated: 08/04/2017 16:06

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Hey everyone, been a while since i was here, i am back with a request for this Game called on

Did anyone manage to hack it?
If not, i would like to request some hacks for this :)

Maybe something like these:

Instant reload
Infinite Ammo
Buffs lasting infinite once picked up
Range Hack
Shoot through Obstacles

i hope someone picks up this request soon ^^

Thanks in advance very much!

RE: Posted on: 07/26/2017 3:37pm
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yes i know i would very mutch at least like to know what bytes they are

RE: Posted on: 07/30/2017 1:16am
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I managed to increase weapons levels, once increasing them over the max, the game will never load anymore.
Tried on different accounts, managed to max a weapon, refreshed, value became normal.

It seems the Kill-Count can be hacked, someone has a large number of kill-count, a number thats only hackable.
If Kill-Count can be hacked as it seems, then the exp-gain should be increasing together with kill-count.

I gave up trying more, most of the stuff is 4bytes, exp is float.
Exp is not directly hackable, the value reverts back to normal.

To be able to change exp, you have to know the TOTAL amount fo EXP your account has.
I found it by a longsearch, started with unknown initial value then i killed some people to gain exp.

I then made an exact search by " increased value by xxx " (xxx is the exp i gained through the kill).
After a long scan, i found out that at lv.28 or 29 my total exp was like 170k something.
Changed it but no effect.

I hope someone with good knowledge can make some hacks for this :)

RE: Posted on: 08/04/2017 4:06pm
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Thanks for trying Cheetahs. Hopefully the info helps someone get it figured out